Why CorCom, Inc.?

Insights are important, but figuring out how to apply and leverage them is more important. Build consensus for your plans, train key staff and find other ways to increase your team’s productivity and success.

Whether it’s developing a strategic marketing plan, helping your technical staff create more persuasive presentations, boosting the leadership communication skills of your management team or measuring the effectiveness of your marketing programs, you can improve by using your staff’s results.

A plan gets everyone on the same page, but no one wants to read a novel.

Summarize your key steps in 2-3-pages.

Use planning sessions that review the most important insights, then summarize that information in a clear, simple document that can be easily referred to and updated over time.

Whether you use the research results for planning purposes, making key decisions or even generating media coverage, this type of research gives you the confidence you need to move forward.

Web analytics are just one of many metrics you can use to gauge how well your marketing is working, but they are limited.

You may need more comprehensive and sophisticated ways of measuring results, especially if you have to defend your budget to senior management.

Think of marketing return on investment in terms of both “tactical” (web hits, impressions, ad dollar value, etc.) and “program” (impact on the brand, sales leads, closed deals, etc.) measurements.

After you build a system for collecting measurement data, you have to then figure out a way to report it clearly. Don’t forget to look at other areas within your organization that marketing may be creating positive results in (see model below).

Dr. Lloyd Corder is frequently asked to speak at events, conferences and other venues.

Topics are customized, but often focus on research conducted for your organization and its impact for their operations.

Does your staff need help building and delivering more effective technical and data presentations?

Through one-day seminars and workshops, 15-20 participants learn to deliver 2-3 presentations that are video recorded and critiqued by attending participants.

The results have been substantial, led to greater acceptance of internal recommendations and helped close more deals.

Improve your managers’ effectiveness with small group training and one-on-one coaching.

Effective listening skills, body language and communicating with impact are just a few of the topics managers and supervisors can use to build stronger teams, increase productivity and, most importantly, represent the organization to their staff.

Half-day seminars often include role plays and exercises. Many clients elect to train all of their managers and we have run some sessions with several hundred participants trained over extended periods. Much of the sessions are focused on building skills related to the communication process (see model below).