Pittsburgh Pirates

With a change in ownership, the Pittsburgh Pirates wanted to build a baseball-only ballpark and design new logos and uniforms.  Through numerous community perception surveys, Dr. Corder helped create the “Regional Renaissance” strategy that was used to help drive important economic development and construction projects, including PNC Park (for the Pittsburgh Pirates), Heinz Field (for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers) and the convention center. Pittsburgh now enjoys one of America’s premier ballparks.


To create a new team logo and uniforms, Dr. Corder facilitated six focus groups with grade-, middle- and high-school children to learn their preferences for different logos and uniforms. The current logo, which has been in use since 1996 is a composite logo, with elements that tested the best retained in the final diagram. These include cross bats (instead of cross bones), a black polka dot scarf, earring, shaved up beard and fiercer looking Pirate. In the first year of sales, the Pirates merchandise lead all of Major League Baseball sales.  Additionally, research was conducted for PNC Bank to name PNC Park.