Carnegie Museums

Like many arts and entertainment venues, the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh lacked concrete data about who was visiting.  Basic marketing information about their ages, gender, income, ethnicity, reasons they attended and many other variables were unknown.  Instead of basing important marketing decisions on incomplete information, the museum wanted to create a system that would gather ongoing feedback.


CorCom, Inc. created a standardized visitor survey that was used in intercept interviews and placed on kiosks at the Carnegie’s four museums (Natural History, Art, Warhol and Science Center). Once a quarter, the data was summarized and reported in a tracking format to show trends and changes in perception over time. We created a dashboard that compares all museums, along with individual reports for each museum and then breaks each museum into member and non-member reports—or any other variables—to allow them to see who they are serving and who are under-served.  The Carnegie Museum uses the information to guide its marketing efforts, create special promotions and as supporting information for its foundation grant applications.