With ever-decreasing attention spans, it’s more important than ever to “get to the point.”  Dashboards allow you to present data without wasting space or words.  CorCom, Inc. has developed hundreds of custom dashboards to present survey findings, data mining results, trend studies, etc., in a creative, dynamic and high-impact manner.  This video shows an example of a simple dashboard.


Web-based, Interactive Survey Reporting

 Click Here to View a Web-based, Interactive Dashboard Demo

  • Because most companies have access to Excel and it is highly programmable, this software provides an excellent platform to build 1-2 page automated reporting tools.
  • CorCom, Inc.’s latest efforts include building tools that are web-based and similar to ones the Wall Street Journal uses to present interactive data.
  • Building attractive, highly functional dashboards requires both a crisp, interesting page layout design and a programmed back-end calculation area to analyze your data.
  • Dashboards are an excellent tool for reporting ongoing survey and Marketing ROI results to your team or senior management.