CorCom, Inc. has completed hundreds of consulting projects, from developing strategic plans, to training entire front line management teams to evaluating and fixing sales systems.  Our clients entrust us with helping them overcome their most complicated and pressing marketing, management, operations, sales and other challenges. Our training is often focused in the areas of leadership communications, effective presentations, raising your personal profile and many other areas.  Our consulting assignments are typically research-based because it helps us get to the facts, set clearer goals and measure progress more easily.




Everybody’s heard of brainstorming—the process of getting several people together to think of creative ways for solving problems or overcoming challenges. Brandstorming transforms a typical brainstorming session into an efficient, highly productive meeting, because ideas are visually posted as the meeting progresses to indicate results.  It gathers key decision-makers and perspective givers (customers, industry experts, product managers, etc.) who think through problems to creatively find innovative solutions.


CorCom, Inc. uses Brandstorming as a key tool for developing strategic business and marketing plans, facilitating board and staff retreats and more.  A storyboarding methodology guides the session, similar to a technique first developed by Leonardo da Vinci, later refined by Walt Disney and used in planning many Hollywood films.  Each session is custom designed around your specific problems and an outline of the anticipated session flow is prepared prior to the meeting.





Leadership Communications

This program has been used to train hundreds of front-line managers at companies such as Mine Safety Appliances, Dunlop Tire Corporation, AAA of California and many others.  More effective internal communications leads to higher productivity, greater mission focus, stronger profits, better employee engagement and many other benefits.  Most leaders are decent communicators—but they stop doing the “right” things because of time and other pressures.


This highly interactive course includes custom-developed role plays based on scenarios your organization is currently facing.  With the help of feedback from their direct reports through the Leadership Communications 360° Feedback, participants receive the insights and tools they need to be more effective. Six months following the training, a follow-up 360° Feedback survey is completed so managers can gauge their progress and determine where they have improved.

Leadership Communications Training Materials



Presentation Skills

Your effectiveness and success in life is directly linked to your ability to communicate your ideas clearly and persuasively in a presentation.  The best presenters don’t try to be perfect.  Instead, they focus on a handful of techniques that make the difference between an okay and an excellent presentation.  Every presenter has his or her innate style.  This program is about finding a way to make that style work best for you.  CorCom, Inc. provides delivery skills training, critiques of technical presentations to make them more salable and individual coaching.


The program includes a Presentation Skills Assessment, a 30-item survey that compares your ratings with others you invite and benchmarks against other professionals.  A companion book, Stop Bellyaching! It’s Only a Presentation, gives dozens of tips and strategies for improving your future presentations.  Participants deliver multiple presentations to improve their skills and confidence—and receive immediate feedback on what they should keep doing or start changing.