Are hospital marketing messages persuasive?

With health care in a state of flux and consumers trying to figure out how to best navigate these changes, what can hospitals do to win market share?


One strategy is to go after the consumers who have a choice about where they can get their care. But, what do you offer? How do you talk about it? What will persuade them that you’re better than your competitors?

To find out, we reviewed a number of hospitals’ marketing messages and created a list of 22 unique offerings, then asked some west coast consumers how important each was in their decision to select one hospital over another.

Some results are obvious, such as the “must haves,” like most want to know if their insurance is accepted, what the hospital’s experience in treating specific illnesses and if the hospital is known for cutting-edge treatments.


Others may surprise you, like offering free parking and gourmet food. Most don’t care about it, but some do and they represent ways for hospitals to differentiate themselves with “niche offerings,” especially in markets where there are competing systems.


What Consumers Care about when Choosing a Hospital

What Consumers Care about when Choosing a Hospital