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CorCom, Inc. helps our clients more effectively market their products, services and ideas by using our marketing research and consulting services.


Boost productivity, increase margins and ensure mission success by using research to solve your most complicated marketing and management challenges.


Transform your culture into one that is more mission-, marketing- and customer-focused through strategic planning, process improvement, seminars and coaching.

Latest Thinking

4 Ways Not to Reinvent the Wheel When Doing Marketing R...

Posted on November 15, 14
4 Ways Not to Reinvent the Wheel When Doing Marketing Research

by Samantha Post There’s no sense reinventing the wheel or wasting resources when doing marketing research. That’s why it’s always best to start with secondary research (a.k.a other people’s data). Depending on your industry or topic, others have probably spent time learning about your market or segment, and their insights...

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Selling: Converting Prospects into Customers

Posted on November 01, 14
Selling: Converting Prospects into Customers

Once you find a prospect (get them in your store), you need to take a few more steps to actually get them to buy something (close the deal) and buy from you again (repeat business).  Like marketing, selling should follow a deliberate process that helps you qualify “suspects” and convert...

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