Our Mission

CorCom, Inc. helps our clients more effectively market their products, services and ideas by using our marketing research and consulting services.


Boost productivity, increase margins and ensure mission success by using research to solve your most complicated marketing and management challenges.


Transform your culture into one that is more mission-, marketing- and customer-focused through strategic planning, process improvement, seminars and coaching.

Latest Thinking

Infrastructure: Everyone In the Organization Should Hav...

Posted on July 01, 14
Infrastructure: Everyone In the Organization Should Have a Role in the Marketing and Sales Process

How your marketing effort (department, partnerships, roles and responsibilities throughout your organization) is organized can dramatically impact your overall success. Infrastructure Defined Many organizations eventually reach a brick wall in terms of their growth. What has brought them initial success does not work for continuing their expansion. They eventually come...

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Research: How to Efficiently and Effectively Gather Fee...

Posted on June 01, 14
Research: How to Efficiently and Effectively Gather Feedback

Clearly understanding what customers and prospects think and want from you always beats guessing and taking chances.  Research—as the model indicates—should support all phases of your marketing process from the initial situation analysis to the assessment of what impact your program had or did not have on your overall results....

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